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I met with edulink-team thanks to a friend of mine whose child is a student in Alev Highschool. She had told me that they are very informative and work very rigorously. We have really experienced this all through our application process together.

My daughter has graduated from Moda Fen Highschool, and enrolled in Marmara University Mechanical University degree. Firstly, she has improved her German skills and passed from DSH exam. She got accepted by many engineering faculties such as Munich Technical University or Aachen University.

Germany is a very different country in terms of their disciplined way of thinking and acting. Being also located in Germany, edulink-team knows very well about the German system at all, and they had supported us perfectly. They continuously motivated us with meticulous attitudes in this long and difficult journey even when we are neglected.

Many thanks to whole team for their professional support in this process.

Seçil Türkel , Munich Technical University , Mechanical Engineering

We consulted edulink in the difficult period following the Turkish university entrance examination. My son was not originally planning to study in Germany, however when we did not receive the results we hoped for in the exam, we started considering Germany as an alternative. When the results were announced in June, we had limited time. edulink consultant took great care with our case and ensured that all steps were completed before mid-July. Thanks to edulink, our visa issues were solved and all procedures were completed with no further problems. Thanks for everything.

Haluk Saygın , RWTH Aachen University , Industrial / Mechanical Engineering

My parents were doctors and it was my dream to study medicine. Even though I was enrolled for Koc University Medicine programs with scholarship in Turkey, I wanted to get international experience and the possibility to work abroad and study abroad for that.

Getting into Medicine is perhaps the most competitive and difficult thing of all. You have to be very disciplined an all over the process. edulink-team helped me during all the steps.

By edulink`s guidance, I took TestAS and increased my scores on LYS and that way I enrolled to one of best Medicine programs on Germany.

Now I am in my 3rd university semester, and I am very happy with all the decision I have made. Thanks to edulink-team for helping my dreams come true.

Defne Ece , Johannes Gutenberg University , Faculty of Medicine

The journey for our daughter from beginning her last year in high school to her university life in Germany was the beginning of a difficult period for all of us for the whole family, since we did not have any information about the process. However, at the moment we met and started to work with edulink-team, this restlessness turned into a relief. Due to the fact that our daughter was determined to study medicine but her (Abitur) grades were under the desired level for Medicine Faculties in Germany, finding a place to study seemed nearly impossible to us.

I would like to thank edulink-team behalf of my family for the sake of their guidance and contribution during all the process to my daughter, who has successfully passed the Vienna University Medical Faculty examination and starting to study Medicine.

Eylül Elif Tatlıadım , University of Vienna , Faculty of Medicine

After my son graduated from Robert College in Istanbul, he decided to continue his undergraduate education at a German university. It was a very risky decision in my opinion: he didn’t speak the language yet. After a long search we encountered a counsellor in Turkey. Because we had no previous knowledge about the application process in Germany, we trusted this company with every decision. Somehow they got my son to visit a German course in Munich. But after a while we noticed that we were wrongly advised during the application processes. It was a very stressful and hard time for our family.

By mere coincidence my son bought a book from the firm edulink. After becoming more familiar with the edulink-team, he decided that they seemed very reliable. He decided to work with them. Soon we realized that it was a very good decision. Because of the right advice and instructions from the edulink-team, my son managed to get accepted into leading universities like the LMU, HU Berlin and the University of Heidelberg.

With certainty I can tell you that there are no good study guidance’s inside of Turkey. The German company edulink was our luck/fortune. I thank edulink many times for their wonderful support.

Ayşegül Dağabak , HU Berlin , Business Administrations / Economics

My son has graduated from high school this year. It was one year ago when we met edulink on one of their introductory meeting. We decided to work together as a result of trust we had for them at first sight. Following that day, we had detailed information from edulink about university selection in Germany, visa process and all the other regarding procedures. edulink-team was in contact with me and my son the whole process. They have informed us of all the necessary actions in advance and have managed everything perfectly. We were so happy to have worked with edulink. We recommend edulink to every student and parent, who are in our situation.

Emre İrhan , RWTH Aachen University , Informatics

My son has graduated from Uskudar American High School. Since he wanted to study Computer Engineering and Germany has the best possibilities in this area, he started to take German courses at the end of his second year in high school.Unfortunately, it isnot possible to reach the sufficient language level demanded by German universities in Turkey, so you absolutely have to experience and learn the language on its spot, in Germany.

We met edulink at an introductory meeting towards the end of highschool. Actually, I thought it would be a process that I could carry out by myself, but after this interview I realized that this would not be possible withoutfurther support, and I realized that I was even late to start the process.

We decided to work together at that moment. The most crucial thing is to pick your consultant well, this is not a matter to be left to any chance. At the end you could even lose time, money and your child`s future.

With the aim of studying at one of the leading technical universities in Germany (TU9), we did our planning after an intensive conversation process including many details such as an appropriate language training program, visas, language examinations to take, schools to apply, documents to prepare, place to stay etc.

It is very important to get quick and accurate information and referrals from your consultant during this process. And edulink-team has replied even to all our meaningless and super detailed questions whenever we have asked, within or without their work hours. They gave answers including post-registration transactions, and managed the process perfectly well.

Many thanks for right approaches and information. We have been accepted by four targeted universities, and we are on our way to registration right now. We are celebrating ourselves and saying that we are so lucky to have this 1,5 years’ experience with edulink-team.

Berke Atikeler , Technical University Of Darmstadt , Computational Engineering

After the decision to obtain my Master degree in Germany, I didn’t think about asking an advisor for their help. I thought that I would just have a look at different German universities and simply apply. But after my families’suggestion I got in contact with edulink and our collaboration began.

There’s only one thing to say: Fortunately I got to work with edulink. After all the work we did together, I realized that it would have been probably impossible to get into the TUM-BWL Master’s program without their help. We addressed the different topics very systematically. They suggested to me a lot of suitable majors in many leading universities and explained every step along the way so that I knew exactly what I needed to do. That’s how I ended up sending up to 10 applications in time without any mistakes and missing any deadlines. Whenever I wanted, I could reach out to the edulink-team and they were able to answer all of my questions.

I’m very grateful for all the work edulink did for me.

Berke Gözneli , Munich Technical University , M.Sc. Management and Technology

My daughter went to Deutsche Schule Istanbul (German School in Istanbul) and always wanted to study medecine. She was very determined to go to Germany and do the Abitur. Since the requirements for medicine studies in Germany are very different, we didn’t know how to approach the preparation. Unfortunately, other consulting organizations provided us with wrong or incomplete information and we only got to meet edulink-team afterwards. Their important strategic advices then helped my daughter to get accepted at her favourite university for a medicine programme. I am thankful to the whole edulink-team.

Meral Koyutürk , Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg , Faculty of Medicine

My daughter enrolled her high school with the decision of passing Abitur exam and getting her Bachelor`s degree in Germany. We come up with edulink two years before her high school graduation. Our communication with them over the last year was very authentic and easy going.

Thanks to the whole edulink-team on behalf of my daughter who is going to start studying in Faculty of Law of Hamburg University.

Ekin Günal , University of Hamburg , Faculty of Law

I met the edulink-team when my son started to study at the Technical University of Munich and wanted to change his major. I am really glad that we worked with them. They know the German university system very well and have more than met our expectations by providing right and important information as well as their own opinion that were essential for my son’s career planning. They conducted thorough research and have supported us much more than we initially had expected. They took on the leading role, researching and finding opportunities and guided us personally. The team likes helping young people and they make you feel with their friendly nature, that they are really enjoying their job. Throughout this cooperation we always felt the need to thank them. On that note I once again would like to thank you for everything.

Pınar Güneren , Munich Technical University , Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

As a German School student, my son's goal was to study medicine in Germany. We researched the process well and prepared accordingly. In the end, we decided to seek help in certain difficult points. Speaking with edulink we were informed of so many issues we did not know and could not think of despite all that research! We worked further on these issues and achieved success in a difficult field like medicine. Thank you very much.

Melis Şenyaşar , Goethe University Frankfurt , Medical Science

My son finished Istanbul German School. He wanted to pursue a degree in Germany. Because we had limited experience abroad, we opted for working with someone who thoroughly knew the education and job opportunities in Germany.

Together with edulink, we pinpointed the most appropriate schools for my son's grades. We considered the options that would allow more options for working during his studies. With edulink`s extensive experience in terms of working abroad and in hiring staff in specific, the team informed us very well with the employer perspective. My son decided on the Mechanical Engineering course at TU Braunschweig and also on working during his studies as well as taking part in the Erasmus exchange Programme.

We are very happy to have worked with a team of well-educated professional consultant.

Ari Türkkanlı , Braunschweig Technical University , Mechanical Engineering

We worked with edulink while we were looking for a university in Germany for our daughter. She helped us from the beginning, including with the choice of her profession. Profession, university, applying for a dorm, applying for visa, as well as opening bank accounts – all of this was done without any problem. My daughter received admission from all universities she had applied for and then chose to study engineering in Aachen. Applying early for a dormitory has helped my daughter to get a room. We were more than happy with edulink's service. They are professional, work thoroughly and in a friendly way. I can highly recommend working with them. We once couldn’t reach our daughter and even then, they managed to help us.

Cemil Inan , RWTH Aachen University , Mechanical Engineering

After our daughter decided to continue her studies in Germany, we searched for a reliable counsellor and were referred to the company edulink. The edulink-team worked extremely diligently and set realistic expectations. They have a lot of knowledge about the German university system so that they could help us with many different questions. With every new question, the team helped us step by step so that everything progressed smoothly. The team always had alternatives prepared when problems came up.

The application process and the move to Germany proceeded in a very rational time frame and easily for our daughter.

Özgül Akdeniz , Munich Technical University , Informatics

My son has graduated from Kabatas Erkek Lisesi. He had been thinking of studying hic Bachelor degree in Germany since his first year in highschool. edulink-team was always with us all through the way, not only information sharing about universities in Germany, but also helping through the way to create a nice and suitable career path. As a result, my son got accepted from the universities to which he had applied.

It was very crucial not to lose a year due to deficiencies through application process, and we did not have this experienced thanks to edulink-team`s great efforts. edulink-team, who are open to communication and support at all times, clearly answered all our questions.

We are very thankful to all the team for their support.

Meriç Mutluay , RWTH AachenUniversity , Mechanical Engineering

Sometimes one is unlucky in life – just like I was at the Deutsche Schule Istanbul (German School in Istanbul). Even when it seemed as if I had no more chance on a study place in Germany, edulink opened new doors for me. Under edulink's guidance, I am now studying informatics and computer science in Germany. It had been difficult days for me, but edulink has helped me through them. I am now very happy. Thank you!

Kerim Karasu , Braunschweig Technical University , Informatics

My son was determined to attend university in Germany. However, he could not decide between law and engineering. So we decided to consult edulink.

After our meetings, my son decided on engineering. During the decision process, we were particularly interested in finding out about the qualities German and Turkish employers specifically look for and the job opportunities related to each course. Upon the answers we received, Berk decided on TU Munich.

In addition, edulink found my son a well-priced, central and international student accommodation and helped finalise the visa process which was unnecessarily dragging on. We will stay in contact for sure.

Orhan Güldiker , Munich Technical University , Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

I am currently doing my master in international law at the Maastricht University and feel – aside from the weather- very happy about it. I am still really glad to have made this right decision because I felt very nervous and insecure during the decisive phase.

I had completed my studies, but was lacking a plan for the future. I was introduced to edulink-team by a friend. During our conversation, I learned about study programmes that I had never heard of before and that sounded really interesting to me. One of those programmes was international law which turned out to be perfect for me. After having had decided for the master in international law at Maastricht University, I sent off a very good application.

edulink-team helped me with my motivation letter, recommendation letters, exams and CV. I really want to thank to all of them for this!

Ali Soysal , Maastricht University Netherlands , Master of Science student Faculty of Law

We would like to thank you for your support during the application phase. The friendly relationship that you build with Cemre and your creative solutions showed that we are now at the right place.

It was a pleasure meeting and working with you!

Ayşegül Nuhoğlu , UdK Berlin , Architecture

While I was studying management of computer science systems in Turkey, my family and I decided on short notice that I should rather go abroad to finish my studies. The next day, we contacted edulink. I was relieved to hear that I can be accepted in Germany under certain conditions with my LYS-points from Turkey. One requirement was speaking the German language and I signed up for a course immediately. After this, we quickly started the cooperation with edulink and two months later, I was already attending a German class in Germany, having received conditional acceptances from universities. I love Germany and I love studying here. Thank you edulink!

Emre , German Language course

After 5 years at Istanbul (Erkek)Lisesi, I began to study electrical engineering at Koc University in Istanbul. During that time, my German speaking skills and knowledge about Germany decreased. Therefore, after getting my bachelor’s degree, I sought advice from a company that knows a lot about German universities. That company was edulink.

The edulink-team could answer all my questions, so that even at the beginning of my application process I started getting confirmations from different universities. With time I also started getting acceptances from leading Technical Universities like the RWTH Aachen and TUM. The edulink-team took the time to research anything that was important for me: for different applications, the visa process, blocked accounts and even my strong interests like rowing and the possibility to row at the different universities. edulink kept track of the application process. And if there were any problems or limitations with some applications, like tests that I had to take (IELTS, TestDaf) edulink made plans with me to overcome these problems. Because of edulink and all the help the team offered to me, I could start my masters in Germany successfully.

Banu Kanlı , RWTH Aachen University , Master of Science student in Electrical Engineering

I made my decision to study in Germany while I was attending the Deutsche Schule Istanbul (German School of Istanbul). While I was there, I had the chance to get to know the German culture as well as the education system and I set myself the goal to study in Germany.

My family has always supported me, but I needed someone to guide me so that my dream could come true. Then I found edulink, and after having a talk with them, I immediately knew that they were the right team.

Besides the search for the right major, they helped me during this journey which was not that easy for me personally. They were there when I had to choose the right major and also when I had to apply. Having someone I could trust during this period made it so much easier.

I am now studying business administration at the TUM and can only say that the decision I made was the right one. I am glad that I have met edulink and that they have supported me throughout this journey and I would like to thank whole team for the support.

Deniz , Munich Technical University , Management & Technology

The university is great. I am very happy with my dormitory asI’ve met most of my friends there. I spend most of my time studying at the moment as I am in my examination phase, but I still make time for living my dreams and for socializing. Besides studying, I am learning French, I write poems, do translations and I even want to establish a publishing house. The times when I was aimlessly starring at the wall, questioning the purpose of my life, are over now. I’ve found the power to realize myself in Berlin. I am busy and I am very happy. I am endlessly grateful your support.

Yavuz Arda , Freie University of Berlin , Economics

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