About edulink

We assist our students in having a good start for a successful education. We accompany you all along the way, from deciding on a course and choosing the right university to finding a good accommodation and much more. We are also available for advice during your studies, to make sure each student completes their course with a good degree and many additional qualifications.

edulink – peter


Following my Business degree at LMU and University of Augsburg, I first gained work experience at Microsoft. Following, I wanted to go to the USA. With degree from a good university combined with the internships I undertook during my education, it was easy to realise my dream.

A university degree is the best investment one can make. I help my students keep up to date with the newest options and constantly develop themselves.

Additionally, with our ebook series we help our students prepare for the TestAS exam which can be very important for students from outside the EU. Thanks to our ebooks we are in close touch with students from differing countries which enables us to follow the developments in the non-EU applicant pool, in diverse fields as medicine, engineering, and natural sciences.

edulink – lisa


After a year searching for the right course, I started my degree in Food Chemistry at TU Munich and I have been very happy with my choice.  

In Germany, with so many alternatives available, students experience problems choosing. My main motivation is to help other students find a place in the course of their dreams.

edulink – öznur


In the first year of my Bachelor degree, I realised that the course I chose was not compatible with my strengths. My academic advisor recommended me to switch to a joint honours degree in Psychology and Business. This was definitely the right decision for me. I am very happy now to be able to help students make better choices.

edulink – günes


During my business administration studies I spent a semester in Hungary with the Erasmus program. I got to experience a new country, meet new friends and explore a different culture. And I have personally and professionally benefited from this experience, especially during job interviews.  

With this conviction, I now accompany students in their journey into an education abroad.

edulink – Lezama


I am a true believer in international education. The German education system has been giving me both an education which is acknowledged worldwide for its high quality, and the opportunity to study at leading universities in Singapore and the US. And much of this has been financed through my merit-based scholarships.  

I now mentor future students of Germany to understand the different sources of scholarships and help them prepare strong applications.

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